About Dust and Noise


It all started when...

Bruce Jessen continued his father's legacy through woodworking. Because of his father, Bruce's connection is personal, and it shows in his work.  After more than 40 years working as a  pharmacist, Bruce now devotes the majority of his time to woodworking, spending long hours in his custom workspace.  Based out of South Range, Wisconsin, the shop is on 80 acres of woods near a 5 acre lake.  The name "Dust and Noise" was derived from his wife who said, "You just go out to your shop and make dust and noise."  He is still trying to prove her wrong, as are most husbands.  Be sure to check this website frequently for new products.  Pieces likely arriving in the near future include cheese boards and other carpentry for the kitchen.  Follow us on Facebook and feel free to contact us here